Matsuri of This Month


Ikeda Oiwake (June 9 and middle of August)

[Fukui Pref] Inari, Ikeda, Imadate District, Fukui Prefecture
Oiwake in Ikeda Town is the dance to pra…

Shoraibune Okuri (15.Aug)

[Fukui Pref] Sugahama, Mihama, Mikata District, Fukui Prefecture Sugahama Seashore
This is a Bon event held in Sugahama in …

Ogase (August 14-15)

[Fukui Pref] Fukutani, Oi Cho, Fukui Prefecture Atagojinja, Izawajinja
The festival in Fukutani village feature…

Funayose Odori (15.Aug)

[Fukui Pref] Maruokacho Funayose, Sakai City In front of Hakusanjinja, Old Hokuriku Road
This is a group dance in which everyone …

Okuribon in Amasaka (20.Aug)

[Fukui Pref] Amasaka, Wakasa Cho, Fukui Prefecture
Okuribon means to send spirits off on th…

Bon Odori in Ueno (15.Aug)

[Fukui Pref] Ueno, Minamiechizen Cho, Fukui Prefecture Eisenji
This is a group dance in which everyone …

Awa Odori (August 12-15)

[Tokushima Pref] Many places in Tokushima City
The Awa Odori(dance) is a world famous e…

Danshichi Odori (August 14)

[Wakayama Pref] Nishikumano Jinja
This is a Bon dance performed by three p…

Ina Odori in Shiotsu (August 15)

[Wakayama Pref] Shimotsucho Shiotsu, Kainan City, Sogawa Shrine
Ina is a fish called mullet. Ina Odori i…

Devil’s dance in Shiide (August 16)

[Wakayama Pref] Itsukushimajinja
This is a Shinto ritual to pray for an a…