Matsuri of This Month


Tsuinashiki in Myohoji (January 3)

[Hyogo Pref・Kobe City] Bishamonsan Myohoji, Suma Ward, Kobe City Myohoji
Tsuinashiki (a ceremony of driving out e…

Tsuinasiki in Tenporinji (January 7)

[Hyogo Pref・Kobe City] Tarumi Ward, Kobe City Tenporinji
Tsuinashiki (a ceremony of driving out e…

Tsuinashiki in Myooji (January 4)

[Hyogo Pref・Kobe City] 1900 Myodanicho, Tarumi Ward, Kobe City Myooji
Tsuinashiki (a ceremony of driving out …

Tsuinashiki in Shokaiji (Coming-of-Age Day)

[Hyogo Pref・Kobe City] Nishi Ward, Kobe City Shokaiji
Tsuinashiki (a ceremony of driving out e…

Nankin-machi Chinese New Year Festival (Chinese New Year)

[Hyogo Pref・Kobe City] Chuo Ward, Kobe City Kobe Chinatown
A festival to celebrate the Chinese New …

Arima Hot Spring Irizome Shiki (January 2)

[Hyogo Pref・Kobe City] Kita Ward, Kobe City Arima Hot Spring
Arima Onsen spa is said to be one of the…

Okinamai in Otoshi Shrine (January 14)

[Hyogo Pref] Kuruma, Suma Ward, Kobe City Dasai Shrine
Okinamai is an old man's dance which is …

Onioi Dengaku (January 8)

[Hyogo Pref] Kamimanganjicho, Kasai City Kongoin
“Onioi” means kicking off devils and “De…

Ebisu-Daikoku tug-of-war (Middle of January)

[Fukui Pref] Aioicho, Tsuruga City Nishimachidori
After two persons, one wearring Ebisu ma…

Tug of war in the water (Middle of January)

[Fukui Pref] Hiruga, Mihama, Mikata District, Fukui Prefecture Hirugabashi
This is a tug of war held in the canal c…