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Name of Matsuri・Pref・Category Description Location(s)・Access Date(s)
Igomori Matsuri [Kyoto Pref]
Fire festival・tug of war・For a good harvest
Three days festival is held at Hosono Shrine to pray fo…
Hosono, Seika Cho, Kyoto Prefecture Hosono Shrine
Fifteen minutes walk from JR Hosono Station
The first day of the Monkey to the Dog in January
Higashiimoarai-no-tondo [Kyoto Pref]
Protection from evil・Fire festival
Higashimoarai-no-tondo is a blazing fire(tondo) event t…
Higashiimoarai, Kumiyama Cho, Kyoto Prefecture 
January 15
Ookuri-Jinja-no-tunahiki [Kyoto Pref]
Competition・tug of war
Ookuri-Jinja-no-tunahiki is a tug of war held at Ookuri…
Yagicho Hioki, Nantan City 
January 17
nara4 Dadado-no-onihashiri [Nara pref]
Protection from evil・Fire festival
"Oni" means devil and "hashiri" means run. This event i…
Gojo City Nenbutsuji
Five minutes walk from Hiuchiguchi bus stop, which can be reached from JR Gojo Station
January 14
23_性海寺の追儺式 Tsuinashiki in Shokaiji [Hyogo Pref・Kobe City]
Protection from evil・Dance
Tsuinashiki (a ceremony of driving out evil spirits) in…
Nishi Ward, Kobe City Shokaiji
Ten minutes taxi ride from Subway Seishinchuo Station
Coming-of-Age Day
有馬温泉入初式 Arima Hot Spring Irizome Shiki [Hyogo Pref・Kobe City]
Prayer for Prosperity
Arima Onsen spa is said to be one of the oldest springs…
Kita Ward, Kobe City Arima Hot Spring
Arima Onsen Station on the Kobe Railway.
January 2
Okinamai in Otoshi Shrine [Hyogo Pref]
Okinamai is an old man's dance which is performed by fo…
Kuruma, Suma Ward, Kobe City Dasai Shrine
Fifteen minutes walk from Subway Myohoji Station
January 14
fukui3 Ebisu-Daikoku tug-of-war [Fukui Pref]
Competition・tug of war・For a good harvest・For a good catch
After two persons, one wearring Ebisu mask and the othe…
Aioicho, Tsuruga City Nishimachidori
Two minute walk from Kagura 2 Chome bus stop, which can be reached from JR Tsuruga Station
Middle of January
fukui10 Tug of war in the water [Fukui Pref]
Competition・tug of war・For a good catch
This is a tug of war held in the canal connecting the H…
Hiruga, Mihama, Mikata District, Fukui Prefecture Hirugabashi
One minute walk from Hiruga bus stop, which can be reached from JR Mihama Station
Middle of January
Onda festival in Hirao [Nara pref]
Performing art・For a good harvest
The festival maintains traditional protocol such as ric…
Oudahirao, Uda City Mizuwake Shrine
Four minutes walk from Udamatsuo bus stop, which can be reached from Kintetsu Haibara Station
Middle of January