Introduction of The Festival

Name of Matsuri・Pref・Category Description Location(s)・Access Date(s)
Hina-nagashi of Awashima Jinja [Wakayama Pref]
Memorial service・Folkways
Many hina dolls dedicated from around the whole country…
Awashima Jinja
Fifteen minutes walk from Nankai Kada Station
Martch 3
Bon Odori in Fushiogami village [Wakayama Pref]
prayer for the dead・Dance
This is a Bon Odori (dance) handed down to Fushiogami v…
Fushiogami Public Hall, Fushiogami, Hongucho, Tanabe City
A hundred minutes bus ride from JR Kiitanabe Station to Kumanohongu-Michinoeki bus stop, and twenty minutes walk from the bus stop
August 15
Kumano Hongu Taisha Annual Festival [Wakayama Pref]
Portable shrine・Parade・For a good harvest・Dance
This is an important Shinto ritual at Kumano Hongu Tais…
Tanabe City Kumano Hongu Taisha
Hongutaisha bus stop, which can be reached from JR Shingu Station or JR Kiitanabe Station
April 13-15
Taiko Odori in Ose village [Wakayama Pref]
prayer for the dead・Dance
This is one of Bon Odoris (dance) handed down to Ose vi…
Batoukannondo, Ose Public Hall
Eighty minutes bus ride from JR Kiitanabe Station to Ose bus stop
August 15
Nenneko Matsuri [Wakayama Pref]
prayer for posterity prosperity・lion dance・Good harvest appreciation
The festival starts around 6 a.m., when a girl with a r…
Two minutes walk from JR Shingu Station
December 1
Kylin lion dance in Takashiba [Wakayama Pref]
lion dance
The festival features Shishimai (Kylin lion dance) with…
Shimosato, Nachikatsuura Cho, Wakayama Prefecture, Shimosato Shrine
Ten minutes walk from JR Shimosato Station
Two days before Respect for the Aged Day in September
Kumano Hayatama Taisha Annual Festival [Wakayama Pref]
Water festival・Portable shrine・Competition
The festival features Togyo by boat on the16th. Togyo m…
Shingu City, Wakayama Prefecture, Kumano Hongu Taisha
Twenty minutes walk from JR Shingu Station
October 14-16
Miwasakihachiman Jinja Annual Festival [Wakayama Pref]
Water festival・lion dance・For a good catch・Dance
In addition to floats, portable shrines and Kylin lion …
Miwasaki, Shingu City, Miwasakihachiman Jinja
JR Miwasaki Station
Sunday in the middle of September
Oshima Minato Matsuri [Wakayama Pref]
Water festival・lion dance・Competition・Folkways・For a good catch
The festival features Kaidenmakyoso (boat racing) in ad…
Minatojinja, Oshima, Kushimoto Cho, Wakayama Prefecture
Twenty minutes bus ride from JR Kushimoto Station to Oshima-sanbasi bus stop
second saturday in feabuary
Kylin lion dance in Oka [Wakayama Pref]
lion dance
Shishimai (lion dance) has two styles; one is called ya…
Kamitonda Cho, Wakayama Prefecture, Yakamijinja
Twenty minutes bus ride from JR Kiitanabe Station to Okayakami-jinja-mae bus stop
November 29 for Yakamijinja and the Day of Ox in July for Tanakajinja