Introduction of The Festival

Igomori Matsuri Kyoto Pref

Hosono-no Igomori-matsuri

Three days festival is held at Hosono Shrine to pray for an abundant harvest of grains. A parade moves headed by an 80 kg blazing torch at night (7 p.m. on the second day) to Kanda, 2 kilometers away from the shrine. In addition, a tug of war is held with green bamboo in the afternoon of the third day.

Fire festival・tug of war・For a good harvest
Hosono, Seika Cho, Kyoto Prefecture Hosono Shrine
Date(s) of Matsuri
The first day of the Monkey to the Dog in January
Hosono Shrine (0774-94-3770),
Seika Town Industry Promotion Division (0774-95-1903)
Fifteen minutes walk from JR Hosono Station
Conservation Group
Hosonojinja Igomorisai Hozonkai
Important folk cultural assets designated by the Prefecture