Introduction of The Festival

Inaba-no shobu tsuna-hiki Tottori Pref

Shinto ritual carried out in the form of a Tug of War competition, the festival is performed as a prayer for good harvests and big catch of fish. The locations are Mizushiri and Hogi in Ketaka Town and Aoya in Aoya Town, both in Tottori City, as well as Obaneo in Iwami Town, Tottori Prefecture.

Competition・tug of war
-Mizushiri, Ketaka Town in Tottori City
-Hogi, Ketaka Town in Tottori City
-Aoya, Aoya Town in Tottori City
-Obaneo, Iwami Town in Tottori Prefecture.
Date(s) of Matsuri
The 1st Saturday and Sunday in June
Iwami Town Tourism Association (0857-732-3481)
- Mizushiri: 45 min. bus ride from JR Tottori Station to Mizushiri bus stop)
- Hogi: 5 min. walk from JR Hogi Station
- Aoya: 5 min. walk from JR Aoya Station
- Obaneo; 10 min. bus ride from JR Iwami Station to Haneo bus stop
Conservation Group
Hogi no shobu tsuna hozon kai
Important intangible folk cultural assets designated by the National Government