Introduction of The Festival

Daisen Mohitori Shinji(Shinto ritual) Tottori Pref

“Mohi” is an earthenware container of ancient times that was used to serve water and “tori” means collection in Japanese. The mohi bearer climbs up to the pond at the top of Mt.Daisen. He pours sake(rice wine) into the pond at sunrise, draws water to replace it and also picks some mugwort before descending to Ogamiyama Shirine Okunomiya in Daisen Town.

Protection from evil
Daisen, Daisen Cho, Tottori Prefecture Ogamiyama Shirine Okunomiya
Date(s) of Matsuri
July 14 - 15
Twenty five minutes bus ride from JR Daisenguchi to Daisenji bus stop (final destination) and twenty five minutes walk from the bus stop
Conservation Group
Intangible folk cultural assets designated by the prefecture