Introduction of The Festival

Yatsurajinja Nosonbutai Tokushima Pref

Awa Ningyo-joruri puppet play in Nosonbutai theater

Yatsurajinja Nosonbutai theater was built in 1919. The size of the stage is about 15 meters wide and about 9 meters deep, which is the largest among existing Nosonbutai theaters in Tokushima Prefecture. They said that the last play was performed in 1959. However, it became active again because puppet play troupes such as “Nyudani Seiryuza,” which was formed by the local young men’s association, gave revival performances recently.

Performing art
Yatsurajinja, 3 Kamihirama, Nishino, Naka Cho, Tokushima prefecture
Date(s) of Matsuri
Early May
Education Board, Naka Cho
Two minutes walk from Yatsurajinja bus stop, which can be reached from JR Tokushima Station, or one hour and forty minutes drive from JR Tokushima Station
Conservation Group