Introduction of The Festival

Name of Matsuri・Pref・Category Description Location(s)・Access Date(s)
Kamotsuba Shrine Summer Festival and Autumn Festival [Nara pref]
Fire festival・Parade
“Susuki Andon” is ten lanterns (made of Japanese pampas…
Gose City Kamotsuba Shrine 
July 16, The day before Sports Day
Katsuura Hachiman Shrine Autumn Festival [Wakayama Pref]
lion dance・Portable shrine・Prayer for Prosperity・For a good catch・Dance
After the parade of portable shrines and other symbols …
Katsuura Hachiman Shrine
Ten minutes walk from JR Kiikatsuura Station
A Sunday with favorable tide, around Respect for the Aged Day in September
Fire Festival in Niko village [Wakayama Pref]
prayer for the dead・Fire festival・Competition
The festival is called "Nijyusanya" (literary, twenty t…
Kongo-ji temple
Three kilometers west from JR Yukawa Station
August 23
Hashira-matsu festival in Taiji Town [Wakayama Pref]
prayer for the dead・Fire festival・Competition
Hashira-matsu means a pillar torch. Torches are thrown …
Hama-hiroba, east of Taiji Port
Fifteen minutes bus ride from JR Taiji Station to Gyokyo-mae bus stop
August 14-15
Suga Jinja Autumn Festival [Wakayama Pref]
Horseback archery・Competition・Parade
The festival features Togyo-gyoretsu (parade of the sym…
Suga Jinja
Fifteen minutes taxi ride from JR Minabe Station
October 7-9
Tsunami Matsuri [Wakayama Pref]
Memorial service・Water festival
In 1854 a tsunami struck Hiro village in Wakayama Prefe…
Hiromura Teibou (Hirogawa Town in Wakayama Prefecture)
Ten minutes taxi ride from JR Yuasa Station
November 5
Waka Matsuri [Wakayama Pref]
Portable shrine・Parade・Performing art・Dance
The festival is to ease the soul of Tokugawa Ieyasu, th…
Kishutoshogu shrine and Kataonami area
Twenty minutes bus ride from JR Wakayama Station to Wakauraguchi bus stop, and five minutes walk from the bus stop
The second Sunday in May
O-Mochimaki in Tategamisha shrine [Wakayama Pref]
Protection from evil・Folkways・For a good harvest
"O" means big and "Mochimaki" means an event of scatter…
Six kilometers east from JR Kamogo Station
May 3
Hanamorisai [Wakayama Pref]
This is a festival to celebrate the coming of spring, w…
Nifutsuhime Jinja
Forty minutes bus ride from JR Kaseda Station to Nifutsuhime-jinja-mae bus stop
The third Sunday in April
Hanafuri event in Saikazaki [Wakayama Pref]
prayer for the dead・fortune-telling・Folkways
Hanafuri literally means falling flowers. It is said in…
Bandoko-no-Hana and other places in Saikazaki, Wakayama City
Thirty minutes bus ride from JR Wakayama Station to Saikazaki bus stop, and ten minutes walk from the bus stop
The equinoctial days in March and September