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Linking Terms and Conditions

  • You may link to KansaiMatsuri.com(http://www.kansaimatsuri.com/) with the following conditions.
  • Please use CONTACT FORM to notify us upon linking to this website.
  • Please link to the top page of this website. (http://www.kansaimatsuri.com/) Linking to other pages may result in no linkage because of the possible URL change.
  • Please use the following method for your linking.
Option 1. Linking by text (Please use source code described below.)
<a href=”http://www.kansaimatsuri.com/”>KansaiMatsuri.com</a>

Option 2. Linking by icon images (Please use source code described below.)

2014banner_200x60 (Specifications: GIF, 4 KB, Width=200 pixel, Height=60 pixel)
<a href=”http://www.kansaimatsuri.com/”>< img src=”http://www.kansaimatsuri.com/banner/2014kmc_banner200x60_e.gif” alt=”kansaimatsuri” border=”0″ width=”200″ height=”60″>

Please contact us if you would like to use your own icon image.
Please use CONTACT FORM to ask for any electronic data such as Logo mark from us.