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Name of Matsuri・Pref・Category Description Location(s)・Access Date(s)
Togurahachiman Jinja Autumn Festival [Fukui Pref]
“Aso-no-sumo” (literary, Japanese wrestling in Aso vill…
Azo, Tsuruga City 
Middle of September
Kawamata Nosonbutai [Tokushima Pref]
Performing art
The theater was first built in 1879 and the thatched ro…
Tsubutejinja, Kawamata, Naka Cho, Tokushima Prefecture
Two hours thirty minutes drive from JR Tokushima Station
Myojinbayashi [Fukui Pref]
Performing art
Myojin-bayashi (Myojin Accompaniment) is a Taiko (Japan…
Ota, Echizen Cho, Fukui Prefecture Tsurugi Shrine
(日本語) 南海本線「住吉大社駅」から東へ徒歩3分
阪堺線 「住吉鳥居前駅」から徒歩すぐ
s-北川舞台(伊澤さん) Kitagawa Nosonbutai [Tokushima Pref]
Performing art
The performance record written by a puppet play troupe …
Hachimanjinja, Funadaniguchi, Kitokitagawa, Naka cho, Tokushima Prefecture 
Hoichi Nosonbutai [Tokushima Pref]
Performing art
The current theater is the one rebuilt in 1898.It is a …
Hoichi, Higashiyama, Higashimiyoshi Cho, Tokushima Prefecture
Two hours drive from JR Tokushima Station
shiga84 Kuge Yakkofuri [Shiga Pref]
A priest of Fukudenji temple married a lady from a nobl…
Nagasawa, Maibara City Fukudenji Temple 
May and November
Inugai Nosonbutai [Tokushima Pref]
Performing art
The theater, which was built in 1873, is valuable becau…
Gooujinja, Hachiya, Hatacho, Tokushima City
Ten minutes walk from Gotaki bus stop, which can be reached from JR Tokushima Station
Imayama Nosonbutai [Tokushima Pref]
Performing art
In 2006, the theater was rebuilt close to the original …
Imamiyajinja, Nue, Katsuura Cho, Tokushima Prefecture 
Ao-no-omoko and Dotoshiki [Wakayama Pref]
In the Yakushido hall, which was built in the Muromachi…
Yakushido hall in Kichijoji temple
Thirty minutes bus ride from JR Fujinami Station to Ao bus stop, and five minutes walk from the bus stop
January 8 by the lunar calendar
fukui58 Nosaka Danose Matsuri [Fukui Pref]
Performing art・For a good harvest
The festival features a Shinto ritual of dance and musi…
Nosaka, Tsuruga City Nosaka Shrine
Five minutes walk from JR Awano Station
Around January 8